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Dafne Tsakiris

Founder & Chief Consultant

Since my career began at a start-up company it’s no coincidence I find myself as a serial entrepreneur and business owner. I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with my Bachelors in Business Management and started working at Colorado based company Perky Jerky six months prior to collecting my diploma. I got the invaluable experience of being involved in the start-up and expansion phase of the business and went from website and social media manager to heading seven departments within the company. Still to this day, the fast paced environment of a start-up gets my blood pumping and gears going.

After many years on an executive level in operations and business owner many times over I have seen the ins and outs of numerous companies. I am driven by finding the perfect solution for each and every business I work with. 

our solutions

Don't be held back by operational bottlenecks or lack of strategic direction and execution.

Business owners and leaders are often too close to the problem to find a solution – or are so tied up in the day-to-day operations of the company and don’t have the time or capacity to address the issues. 

We are driven by finding the perfect solution for each and every business we work with.


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